Recidivism Crushers

Caroline Dunlop did her own prison sentence of 7 years.

Having her own struggles with the system and how it deeply failed her in getting her reliable resources. Caroline changed her status and what she stood for.

She became Chief Recidivism at Recidivism Crushers.

“I wont stop until I put prisons out of business.”


We started “crushing” recidivism before this actually became a real thing, but now, watch out!

Recidivism Crushers was established in 2020, founded by Caroline Dunlop. It is a Non-profit whose main goal is to put prisons out of business. 

Recidivism Crushers helps by pouring into the lives of those being released back into society, from incarceration. 

This project came out of an idea that I, Caroline Dunlop had based on my own experience with re-entry.

Being sent from one place/person/office/organization to the next had me running in circles and really NOT getting anywhere.

I knew that there was help, AND I knew what I needed, I just knew I had to do this on my own.

I decided to make my own solution so that other ladies would not have to go through what I had to endure. My project . . . build a transitional home community. 

You can help by donating towards the building of a brand new transitional home! 

Why a transitional home?

1: The ladies coming out will have a safe haven when they are released.

2: It is a better idea for women to come to our organization, where they can get all of our services in one place, verses them going everywhere to get help.

3: This builds a bond with the community and will change their minds about re-entry and.


Have questions?

Maybe you are interested in crushing recidivism or you want to know what more there is to be done?? Whichever it may be, please contact us for more information. 

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